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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{Product Review} Wink Frozen Desserts (Top 8 Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Fat-Free and Sugar-Free)

Image courtesy of Wink Frozen Desserts Website.

Recently I read a review done by Vegetarian Mama on Wink Frozen Dessert.  Her review was so positive, I just knew I had to try these products for myself.  Well, I sent a note to their company, and their spokesperson told me that they'd love for me to do a review, which I quickly agreed to (my first review ever on Natural and Free).  A few weeks later, my samples showed up in the mail, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint!

First, let's talk packaging!

I didn't take a picture of the box nor the Styrofoam box the containers came in, but let me tell you, they were well insulated and packed on dry ice (From shipping date to arrival, it took about 3 days.).   No melty frozen desserts here!  Not only that, but they had instructions about how to dispose of the dry ice without getting frostbite, which I totally appreciated! 
And just look at the cute containers!

Totally great visual appeal! :) You knew exactly what each container held and the allergen info was clearly marked.  Total A+ rating for the packaging.
Second, let's talk taste!
They sent their current 4 flavors for me to try: Cake Batter, Cinnamon Bun, Cocoa Dough and Iced Latte.  Before I go any further, let me just say I was amazed that they had a frozen dessert that was TOP 8 FREE in these flavors.  I mean, when you have food allergies, you give up such flavors!  It was so cool to see that they were making these flavors available to the allergy community.  Besides that, their products are VEGAN, FAT-FREE, NON-GMO and SUGAR-FREE!  Seriously!  So, now you're wondering how they taste, right?  Well, let me tell you!
Let's start with Cake Batter...

This product tastes EXACTLY like cake batter!  Really!  I was so shocked, I even said, "Wow!  This tastes just like cake batter!" out loud when I tried it.  I couldn't get over it.

And just look at the texture!  Creamy and decadent, just like ice cream should be.

Now, I will say this flavor was a little too sweet for me and my boys (yes, they were volunteer taste-testers with me), but if you love cake batter flavor, you'll love this!  Also, I am not used to eating sugar-free items (these products are made with Stevia and Agave), so there is a little bit of that "sugar-free" aftertaste, but not near enough to be off-putting, and my boys didn't even mention it, so I am just sensitive to it.  Either way, I'd still give the product an A for tasting exactly as promised!

 Next up, Cinnamon Bun...

This was, hands down, the favorite flavor for my middle kid and I.  It absolutely tasted just as promised: Like a cinnamon bun in frozen form!  Just enough sweet and cinnamon.  So good!

Again, perfect texture; creamy and delicious, even melt in your mouth!

I seriously (other than the slight aftertaste I mentioned earlier associated with sugar-free) felt like I was eating a naughty treat vs. a healthy one!  That is a great thing!  A+ because it was my favorite and for fooling my taste buds! :)

Next is Cocoa-dough...

This was my oldest's favorite, and when I went to take it away from him after his first sample taste to give him the next flavor, he fought me! Actually, both boys fought me (my middle kid fought me most over the Cinnamon Bun one, though).  LOL!  That's a compliment and a half, for sure! :) 

Again, great texture, as you can see.

This frozen dessert tasted like eating chocolate cookies, and again, you didn't miss what wasn't there.  The slight "sugar-free" aftertaste was still there, but not enough to make you not want more.  I give this flavor an A+ for making my kids fight for more!

Last but not least, Iced Latte...

This flavor is more adult and is for those of you who don't like super sweet desserts and are big iced coffee fans.  It tastes just like an iced latte that is just slightly sweet.

Perfect texture, yet again, as you can see, too.

My boys did not care for this flavor, but I liked it.  I prefer my iced latte a little sweeter, but the less sweet taste did grow on me, and I figured I could always add chocolate syrup or caramel sauce if I wanted the extra sweet.  Again, there was that slight aftertaste of "sugar-free", but I'd still give this flavor an A.

What do they cost?
$8 a pint, which is great for a frozen dessert that has so much to offer!  It may be a little expensive for some of you, but for others, you'll see it as a bargain, especially when you consider the cost of most allergy-friendly, non-GMO, vegan items.  At any rate, I think if you're getting it as a "sometimes treat", $8 is do-able.  Let's give it a B for cost.
So, what's the verdict?
Wink Frozen Desserts are complete winners!  If you're looking for something TOP 8 FREE, VEGAN, FAT-FREE, SUGAR-FREE and NON-GMO, this is your dessert!  It's absolutely delicious, surprisingly so.  And before you think that means, "Well, they are good for vegan, allergy-friendly, sugar-free stuff," no, that's not what I mean.  They are just GOOD, period.  There are definitely flavors for the whole family, and you don't feel like you're missing out on anything!  The slight "sugar-free" aftertaste is not enough to be off-putting, and I'm sure only those who are not used to sugar-free items would even notice, I'm just mentioning it for full-disclosure honesty purposes.  At any rate, they are DEFINITELY worthy of the rave reviews they got from Vegetarian Mama, and I encourage you to check them out for yourself.
How Can I Find Out More?
So glad you asked! You can find out more at the following locations:

Image courtesy of Wink Frozen Desserts Website.

 You can also purchase their products through their New York stores and online at their own storefront.

A big thank you to Wink for letting me and my family taste and review your products!

 *Any and all opinions are mine without censor and reflect my personal feelings on the product and not that of the person/company who sent them to me.  Though I received these samples for free, that fact did not affect my opinion on said product in anyway.*


  1. Great job on the review Julie! You totally made us want to try them, which is a hard sell since we love ourselves some Ben & Jerry's! ;)-The Dose Girls

    1. Thanks, gals! :) If you suffer from multiple food allergies and/or are vegan and can eat sugar-free stuff (some people cannot), this is a great option. I really was very impressed.

  2. Great review! This is exciting stuff because I have quite a few food allergy issues! Thanks for sharing!! Thanks for stopping by today!

    1. Thanks, Nicole, and you're welcome! :) I hope you are able to find some info and recipes that work for you here, then. If I can be of any help, feel free to email me at any time! :)

      Have a great day!

  3. These sound great! Love the flavour varieties and the texture does look great. It is awesome that these are treats that everyone loves, that everyone can enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Kim! I felt the same way! :)

      Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to leave a comment! :)

  4. Julie, I have a this a creamy texture, like regular ice cream or more of a frozen ice texture? thank you..angelina

    1. Hello, Angelina.

      Great question! The texture is quite creamy, just like ice cream. It was surprisingly like regular ice cream in that regard, and a very pleasant surprise (I didn't know what to expect, either, when I got the samples). It has an excellent, soft, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth feel.

  5. They looked so yummy at the store, that I had to get one. Awful! I was wondering how long they would stay in business with that flavor. This stuff is nowhere near in comparison to real ice cream. The texture was fine, but the flavor... never again.

    1. Not all flavors work for all people. My kids didn't like some of the flavors as much as I and visa versa, and some of the textures were different, but that's how it is will all ice creams and sorbets, dairy or otherwise. Thanks for commenting.


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