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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mom's Pink Smoothie (Soy, Wheat, Nut, Fish and Egg-Free, Can Be Milk-Free and Diabetic Friendly)

Mom's Pink Smoothie made with Pineapple Greek Yogurt

In honor of Mother's Day tomorrow, I wanted to make something that my mom loved allergy-friendly to share with you all.  I asked her what her favorite recipe ever was, and she told me about this pink, fluffy dessert she used to make with her mom and a female neighbor who was a really good friend (They'd originally had it at this restaurant that I didn't get the name of, and (after finding out the ingredients and working and working and working on it) came up with something that tasted like it on their own.).  When she described it to me, I thought we could easily make it into an allergy-friendly treat.  Instead of making it into a spoon-able dessert, though, we turned it into a smoothie and let me tell you, YUM!  It's got this fruity, tropical taste and is so satisfying.  I can definitely understand why this flavor profile was her favorite!

This version is soy (if you use all soy-free ingredients), wheat, nut, fish and egg-free and can be milk-free and diabetic friendly (see variations).   (Note: I do not consider coconut a tree nut, though some do.  If you are avoiding all tree nuts or are allergic to coconut, this recipe is not for you!) I hope you love it like my mom and I do!

Mom's Pink Smoothie
1 1/2 Cups frozen strawberries

1 Cup cold soy-free, canned coconut milk
(Make sure to use the fat!)

1/4 Cup pineapple without the juice

1 Cup soy-free vanilla yogurt

1/4 Cup white sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

dash of salt
  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until desired consistency.  (Note: If you find it too thick for your liking, add more coconut milk.  If you find it too thin, add more yogurt or strawberries.  If it is not sweet enough, feel free to add more sugar to taste.)
  2. Pour mixture into glasses and enjoy.
Makes 2 large (16oz.) servings or 4 smaller (8oz.) servings.

Variations (Please keep your allergen needs in mind when using substitutions!):
  • Milk-free: Sub a dairy-free yogurt (such as SoDelicious) for the yogurt.
  • Diabetic Friendly:  Sub any sugar substitute for the sugar.  You could even sub honey if you wished, though the taste will be different.
  • Other Fruit(s): If you cannot have strawberries, you can sub another frozen fruit such as raspberry, cherry, blueberry, pineapple, peach, etc.  You can even do a combo of fruits if you wish.
  • Other Yogurt(s): Use another flavor yogurt (dairy or non) for the vanilla yogurt (keeping your allergen needs in mind, of course) that fits the flavor profile or that you think will taste good, such as pineapple, coconut or strawberry.  You can even use a Greek yogurt if you like it better, as well.  If you decide to use a plain yogurt, though, you may need to up the vanilla to 1 teaspoon.  Feel free to use a couple of different flavors of yogurts, too, if you wish.
  • To make this into more of a fluff (i.e. thick enough to eat with a spoon), do one or more of the following:
    • Use 1/2 Cup coconut milk instead of 1 Cup
    • Sub 1 Cup sweetened whipped cream (dairy or non) for the coconut milk
    • Add more frozen fruit (up to 2 Cups or so - keep adding until you get the desired consistency)
  • Fancy Garnish: Garnish individual portions with sweetened whipped cream (dairy or non) and a fresh strawberry (or other fruit if you wish or used another type of fruit) before serving.

That's it!  Easy and delish!  What's not to love!?!?

Oh, and before I go, I just want to say,

My Mom and Dad, Christmas 2012

"Happy Mother's Day, Mom!"
(and to all the other mom's reading this, too!)
What is your mom's favorite recipe?
What is one recipe you'd love to enjoy on Mother's Day?
What is your favorite Mother's Day tradition?

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  1. A pink smoothie for mom!! Perfect! I had no idea that's how you could make a smoothie fluffier (under the variations part). That's good to know!
    We don't have any real traditions for Mother's Day. My crew switches it up each year. We'll see what tomorrow has in store! (I am partial to hand print and foot print art projects)
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Julie! Hope your day is filled with love and happiness with your sweet children. Happy Mother's Day to your beautiful mom, too!! --Lisa

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I hope you have an amazing Mother's Day, too! :) By the way, I'm partial to hand/foot print art, too - so adorable! My boys have some school Mother's Day projects for me that I will be getting tomorrow, and hubby got me an orchid and let me sleep in today! Go Dad! Go boys! LOL :) We're supposed to go to my mom's tomorrow for lunch, too. We'll see what happens today. I've asked for some special family time...We'll see how that translates out. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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