At the time of publication, all recipes were free of the allergens listed as being free of in the title (i.e. soy-free, milk-free, etc.), and all other information shared was accurate to the best of my knowledge. Though I strive to update outdated information quickly and work diligently to make sure you have the most accurate information possible at all times, it is your duty to double check labels EVERY TIME to ensure that the ingredients you use are SAFE FOR YOU. DO NOT RELY SOLELY ON THIS INFORMATION AS INGREDIENTS AND INFORMATION DO CHANGE. Your doctor or allergist should also be your first go-to for information on how to handle your medical needs. That being said, if you DO notice an error, please send me an email letting me know (tell me what page or recipe the error is on, what the error is, etc.), and I will correct the error ASAP. Thank you so much!

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My Recipe Designations/Where I Get My Recipes

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Interpreting My Recipe Designations

It is my goal on this site to list recipes that are as natural as possible in content and, in some way, allergy-friendly.  This means that, most of the time, my recipes will consist of whole food ingredients, but they will sometimes contain ingredients that aren't so natural (case in point, my Leaves and Acorns recipe).  My recipes will, however, always be allergy-friendly in some form. 

I am ok with using sugar (I don't consider using it as "breaking the rules") and a few other refined ingredients (i.e. all-purpose flour), but I still like my ingredients to be as untouched by processing as I can reseasonably afford whenever possible.  You can always feel free to visit my Ingredient Substitutions page and see if you can modify a recipe further to fit your individual needs or tinker with a recipe using your own substitutions.  If you do so, let me know how the recipe turns out!  I'd love to hear from you! :)

As to how to interpret my recipe/page designations: 
Egg-Free: No eggs, egg yolks, egg whites or egg substitutes or egg containing products are used in the original recipe, variations excluded.

Milk-Free: No milk or milk products such as cheese or butter are used in the original recipe, variations excluded.

Nut-Free: No peanuts or tree nuts like pecans, walnuts, cashews, etc. or peanut/tree nut containing products are used in the original recipe, variations excluded.  I do NOT consider coconut a tree nut, though some do, so nut-free recipes can contain coconut.  If you are allergic to coconut, please avoid these recipes or substitute ingredients that fit your needs.  I also do NOT consider seeds of any form nuts, so these recipes can contain seeds.  If you are allergic to seeds, please avoid these recipes or substitute according to your individual needs.

Wheat-Free: No wheat or wheat containing products like flour, wheat germ, etc. are used in the original recipe, variations excluded.  Wheat-free does NOT necessarily mean gluten-free, but all recipes should be reasonably made to be so by substituting gluten-free products and by possibly adding one or 2 more ingredients.

Soy-Free: No soy or soy containing products like tofu, "natural flavorings", etc. are used in the original recipe, variations excluded.  The ingredients I use follow the soy-free food list.

Fish-Free: No fish, seafood or shellfish or fish/seafood/shellfish containing products are used in the original recipe, variations excluded.

If there is the phrase "Can be...", it means that there is a variation listed that makes it allergy-friendly in that way.

I hope this isn't too confusing!  If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to email me or comment below. :) 
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Where I Get My Recipes

I have 3 cookbooks that I use: "Betty Crocker's New Cookbook", "Taste and See" (a cookbook out of First Baptist Church of Lake Orion, MI), and a family cookbook called "The Sommer Seasons".

I have a few websites that I go to:,,, and a few others when Google points to them when I Google a recipe.

Most of my other recipes have come from family and friends over the years, have been clipped out of magazines/newspapers or are ones that I came up with on a whim or out of boredom or curiosity. :)

Most recipes that I post here are modifications of those found in such sources.  If I know the exact reference and/or if I have not modified it at all, then I will mark the recipe as such so that credit is given where credit is due.

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