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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#FoodAllergyAwarenessWeek #1in13

Food allergy affect 1 in 13 US children. This is a real, serious epidemic
Image from Kids With Food Allergies

This week is Food Allergy Awareness Week (to learn more, go here:  There is so much you can do to help raise awareness.  Here's just a few ideas:

1. Wear teal for the week.  It's a cool color anyway, but it's even more awesome when you wear it for a cause. :)  You can wear it in the form of a shirt, an awareness ribbon, a dress, a pin - any way you like.  Just be prepared to share the why.

2. Share some links via social media about food allergy awareness.  Not sure where to look?  Well, here's a few to help get you started:

  • This will take you to FARE which has a LOT of great resources and ideas.  It is an AWESOME organization.
  • Grateful Foodie  This is seriously one of the best food allergy advocate people I know!  Caroline is amazing and has great info.  She's always got some wonderful stories and ideas.
  • FAACT's Food Allergy Awareness Week page. There's some awesome ideas on here for how to raise awareness.
  • Ideas on Pinterest to share.  Pinterest is always a good place to go to get some good ideas and share some, too.
  • Kids With Food Allergies has some great ideas, too.  This is a seriously awesome site that has a lot of things for kids, profile pictures relating to food allergy awareness you can use, etc.  It's where I got the cool picture at the top of the page, too.  They have other banners and such that you can also use.  So cool!
  • Google "food allergy awareness" and see what pops up.  You should find some awesome articles to share!
  • Hashtag your shares, too! Here's some ideas of hashtags to use:
    Any of those will work, or you can come up with your very own.
3. Show your support online by changing your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter and other social media to something related to Food Allergy Awareness.  I made something today that I will be using on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  It's probably the easiest way to get the word out.  If you are looking for something already made, check out the ones on Kids With Food Allergies.

4. If you're a blogger, post about Food Allergy Awareness Week.  It only takes a little bit of your time, and it can help so many.  Seriously.  What are you waiting for?  You can share personal perspective, have a guest blogger who suffers from food allergies, just post a list like I have, and so much more.  The more we spread the word, the more our voices will be heard, and the more of those 1 in 13 children with food allergies can get the respect they need and deserve.

5. Donate if you can.  You can donate time, a blog post, money - anything.  Just help get the word out and support those who do, financially if possible, or with a kind word or moral support.   There are even ways to become an advocate.  Looking for ways to help?  Check out this page on FARE for ideas and more information.  

With 1 in 13 children facing food allergies, I have to assume that each of us knows someone with them.  I know several myself, and I'd do anything to help keep those children safe, healthy and happy.  Wouldn't you?
Let's take a moment to raise awareness - for them.

P.S.  Before I go, I want to share this video with you done by a teenager who suffers from some serious food allergies.  Give him a like and a share, and subscribe, if you're so inclined.  He's awesome! :)